• Mangosteen Extract

      Contact NowMangosteen ExtractProduct Name: Mangosteen extract Latin Name: Garcinia mangostana LAppearance: Yellow brown powder CAS NO :6147-11-1MF: C24H26O6MW: 410.47Specification:10%-98%Test Method: HPLC Use Part: Fruit ExtractiRead More2016-06-01

    • Punicosides

      Contact NowPunicosidesProduct Name: PunicosidesOther Name: Pomegranates husk extractAppearance: brown yellow powder CAS NO:476-66-4MF: C14H6O8MW: 228.25Assay: 40%Test Method: HPLC Extract part: PeelExtract Method: Water &Read More2016-05-25

    • Fish Collagen Powder

      Contact NowFish Collagen PowderProduct Name: Fish collagen powderOther Name: Hydrolyzed Collagen powder Appearance: White Fine Powder CAS NO:92113-31-0MF: C4H6N2O3R2.(C7H9N2O2R)n MW: 500DA-20000DAAssay: 99%Test Method:HPLC collagRead More2015-11-02

    • Alpha Arbutin

      Contact NowAlpha ArbutinProduct Name: alpha ArbutinChemical name:4-Hydroquinone-alpha-D-glucopyranosideAppearance:White fine power or crystalsr CAS NO:84380-01-8MF:C12H16O7MW:272.25 Assay:99.0%minTest Method:HPLC Function:Read More2015-11-02

    • Bacopasides

      Contact NowBacopasidesProduct Name: BacopasidesOther Name: Bacopa monnieri extractAppearance: Brown powderCAS NO: 94443-88-6MF: C46H74O17MW: 899.07Test Method: UVFunction: 1. Improves intellect, consciousness, and mental aRead More2015-11-02

    • Astaxanthin

      Contact NowAstaxanthinProduct Name: AstaxanthinOther Name: Haematococcus pluvialis powderBotanical Name: Haematococcus pluvialisAppearance: Dark Red Fine Powder/OilCAS NO:472-61-7MF:C40H52O4MW: 596.85 Assay: 1%~10%TestRead More2015-11-02

    • Echinacea Extract

      Contact NowEchinacea ExtractProduct Name: Echinacea Extract Other Name: lack sampson,ConeflowerBotanical Name: Echinacea purpurea(Linn.) MoenchAppearance: Brownish Green or Yellowish Green Fine PowderCAS NO:6537-80-0ARead More2015-11-02

    • Cranberry Extract

      Contact NowCranberry ExtractProduct Name:Cranberry Extract Other Name: AnthocyanidinsAppearance:Dark Red Fine Powder CAS NO:13306-05-3MF: C15H11O6+MW: 287.24 Assay:10%~25%Test Method: HPLC/UVPhysical Property: ERead More2015-11-02

    • Glabridin

      Contact NowGlabridinProduct Name: GlabridinOther Name: Licorice Extract Appearance: Low content of brown powder, high content of white powder CAS NO:59870-68-7 MF: C20H20O4 MW: 324.3704 AssayRead More2015-11-02

    • Ursolic Acid

      Contact NowUrsolic AcidProduct Name: Ursolic acidOther Name: NoneAppearance: light yellow powderCAS NO:77-52-1 MF: C30H48O3 MW: 456.68 Assay: 10%-98% Test Method: HPLC Physical Property: MeltingRead More2015-11-02

    • Fucoidin

      Contact NowFucoidinProduct Name: FucoidinOther Name: Kelp ExtractAppearance: Yellow to white powderCAS NO:9072-19-9 MF: C42H58O6 MW: 658.91 Assay: 20%-95% Test Method: HPLC Physical Property: Soluble in watRead More2015-11-02

    • Grape Seed OPC

      Contact NowGrape Seed OPCProduct Name: Grape Seed OPCOther Name: OPCAppearance: Brownish Red powderCAS NO:4852-22-6MF: C30H26O13 MW: 594.52 Assay: 95% Test Method: UV Physical Property: Soluble in waterFunction: 1. PRead More2015-11-02

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