Natural Oroxylum indicum Extract powder Chrysin 98%,5,7-Dihydroxyflavone, CAS NO:480-40-0

Natural Oroxylum indicum Extract powder Chrysin 98%,5,7-Dihydroxyflavone, CAS NO:480-40-0

Product Name: Chrysin
Appearance: Light yellow fine powder
CAS NO: 480-40-0

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Product details

Product Name: Chrysin  

Other Name: None    

Appearance: Light yellow fine powder   

CAS NO:480-40-0       

MF: C15H10O4          

MW:  254.24           

Assay: 98%           

Test Method: HPLC   

Physical Property: Melting point 285 ?, soluble alkali hydroxide solution , slightly soluble in ethanol and chloroform , insoluble in water.


1. With antitumor activities, can suppress tumor cell multiplication and induce tumor cell apoptosis. Chrysin may have aromatase-inhibitory action.So it is used in synthesis anti-cancer medicines. 

2.With antimicrobial,anti-inflammatory functions, can be made into lipid lowering and anti-cardio-cerebral vascular diseases treatment pharmaceuticals. 

3. Antioxidant activity, antiviral activity,antidiabetic action,reducing blood lipids,depressing blood pressure and preventing gene mutation. 

4. Chrysin's ability to inhibit the aromatization of androstenedione and testosterone to estrogens has been demonstrated in the laboratory.



2.aluminum foil bag.

3.25kg paper drum with double plastic food grade bags inside.

4. pharmaceutical aluminum tin.

5. according to customer request.

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